Project Description

The Nags Head Tavern Social Media Marketing

The planning and implementation of a Facebook Ad to market a time-sensitive offer.


The Nags Head Tavern is a pub serving great food and real ales just off from the Thornfalcon junction, Somerset. The owner Patrick Mahoney contacted me asking for ways to raise awareness of the pub as he had recently taken over management.

What I Did

I first began by asking him questions about what he wanted to get out of it, what his budget was, and what he would be happy to offer to customers to get them through the door.

After the initial consultation I suggested to him the idea of offering a free bottle of wine for every table of four eating from the main menu within a set time period. He thought this was a great idea and so we continued.

We discussed the ad copy and formulated it in-line with an image of the pub that kept in-line with the Nag’s burgundy red and beige colour scheme. We incorporated a clear call to action within the copy and defined the set time period.

To the image of the pub I added coloured photographic effects using Photoshop. Then finished with the vector work ribboning and the Nag’s logo using Illustrator.


The Ad was run on Facebook for 7 days, targeting Taunton and areas just east of Taunton that are within local proximity to The Nags Head. To target, I set the age range to 21-65+, then using Facebook Interests to select people who had ‘liked’ pages of local restaurants. I combined this with Facebook Intelligence to gain ‘look-a-like’ audiences of this target market. The ad reached a total of 8,000 people with a £90 total budget over 7 days.

During the period between Thursday 27th October leading up to Sunday 30th October 2016, The Nags Head received over 180 customers through the door, many of whom redeemed the free wine offer. Patrick was very happy with the ROI on this marketing spend and said he will be using me again for further campaigns.