Project Description

Roo’s Booty Logo Design

A unique audience targeted logo design for a new clothing boutique start-up.


Based in Bristol, Roo’s Booty is a specialist clothing boutique that designs, manufactures and sells its own range of bustle skirts and felt clothing. Roo of Roo’s Booty is a friend of mine of whom I offered to do the logo design for as a freebie. I saw the potential and passion that Roo had for her business so I decided to put the effort in to make something catchy that would nest well within the Bristol alternative clothing scene.

What I Did

Roo knew that she wanted an Indian mandala type design to be incorporated into the logo, so I researched different styles and settled for one that was fairly simplistic (for a mandala), whilst still maintaining much of the intricate detailing that we see in most mandala artworks.

I did various basic drafts of the logo by hand using the samples I had gathered from my research, to then proof off with the client before going ahead with any Illustrator work. I then used Adobe Illustrator as the industry standard logo creation suite to piece together the complex design.


At the time of writing the business is still in the development phase, so no performance metrics are currently available. However, Roo has informed me that she is very happy with the logo as it will sit well with her target market.