Project Description

Refuse 2 Lose Business Cards

The design of a new business card in-line with current branding.


Based in Taunton, Somerset. Refuse 2 Lose is a small nutritional supplement retail business that sales its products exclusively via its affiliates.

What I Did

Dominic Smyth who is an independent affiliate for Refuse 2 Lose, came to me needing a business / loyalty card designed for on-the-fly prospecting.

With the branding already in place and accessible via the companies Facebook page, I was able to take samples of their style and incorporate that into the business card design.

Dom had a clear idea of the copy content he wanted to be included so it was simply a case of placing it all together in functional form whilst maintaining good visual appeal that was in-line with the company branding.

Where I would have normally used Adobe Illustrator for this type of design, for this particular job I instead chose to use Adobe InDesign for the simple reason of keeping my software skills diverse.


Dom was very happy with the business cards, however he discontinued his affiliation with the company shortly after the project was completed.