Project Description

Joe Matthews PT Leaflet

A fresh hand-out leaflet design that would be distributed within Blackbrook Gym.


Joe Matthews PT is based at Blackbrook Gym and provides personal training and nutrition consultations to the local gym-goers to help them achieve their fitness goals.

What I Did

The branding for Joe Matthews PT was in place prior to the start of this project, and Joe supplied a sample of his existing leaflet for me to work from. The overall design style was largely kept the same, but was enhanced by better spacing the content across the pages using consistent spacing gaps, plus the inclusion of his new personal training app among other content pieces.

Joe asked me to take the copy from his website, of which I re-worded heavily to fit the A5 leaflet in a concise manner.

For this leaflet I used Illustrator for the layout and design as several elements needed to be created from scratch as vectors.


Joe was delighted with the new leaflet design. This leaflet, combined with the Joe Matthews PT poster design featured within this portfolio, Joe told me have been responsible for him gaining 4 new PT clients shortly after printing and distribution.