Project Description

Joe Matthews PT Business Cards

The re-design of existing business cards to include further detail and enhance the brand.


Joe Matthews PT is owned and operating by Joe Matthews and serves his clients at Blackbrook Gym. He offers full personal / group training and nutrition consultations to help people achieve their fitness goals.

What I Did

Joe’s branding was already in place with its black and red colour style and full logo. Joe approached me with the need to re-vamp his existing material and to include his new services.

He supplied all of the copy of which I made further suggestions on based on my own experience.

For the business cards I used Illustrator for the layout and design. The majority of his clients are female, so with that in mind, and despite the overly masculine orientated black and red ‘action’ colour scheme, I made the text non-caps where appropriate, and the overall message slightly ‘softer’.


Joe was very happy with his new cards, telling me they look much more professional than his previous ones, and marry perfectly with his branding.