Project Description

Jason Rustage Sherlock Leaflet

A fresh flyer design for an online shopping app distributor.


Jason Rustage is an affiliate distributor for the online shopping app Shopping Sherlock. Jason contacted me wanting to raise awareness of what the app has to offer locally within Taunton.

What I Did

I had a clear image in my head of what would best suit this leaflet design. I used an iPhone 5 as a placeholder for the content, with a blurred colour image in the background to add depth. The idea with the iPhone 5 being relevant as it was marketing an app service, and would appeal to modern smartphone users who would be using the app itself, and many of whom would own an iPhone 5 at the time of the design.

Jason supplied the copy content and I took it to layout from there. Using the 6 Shopping Sherlock brand colours as a backdrop within the placeholder iPhone. I laid out the content on top with proportionate spacing including a clear call to action, along with the statistics of how the app has performed for other users.

I used InDesign to layout and design this leaflet.


Jason was happy with this flyer design and the overall service.