Project Description

Buffbox Meals Regionals Leaflet

Creation of a social media graphic set to promote a special offer.


Buffbox Meals is a sports nutrition food preparation company serving customers throughout the UK. The CFO of Buffbox, Joe Matthews, contacted me explaining the need to create a time sensitive social media graphic to promote an event they were working towards.

What I Did

Joe supplied me with a sample of the graphic that was used for the previous year for me to base the design from. I took multiple elements from the original sample and updated the content with fresh images and copy.

I used Illustrator to create the layout and design of the leaflet because some custom vector work was required within the design itself.

The overall colour scheme was kept in-line with the Buffbox yellow, lime green and black primary colours. I matched the fonts that were on the original leaflet as closely as possible, using comparative Google Fonts as substitutions where appropriate.


This version of the leaflet was published via Facebook and sent out to the Buffbox email subscribers. The Facebook post received great engagement, and resulted in multiple bookings from those who would be attending the event that was 8 weeks away at the time.