Project Description

Buffbox Meals Regionals Instagram Version

Design of an Instagram format social media graphic to promote an event offer.


Buffbox Meals is a food preparation company serving athletes in Taunton, London and other places across the UK. Joe Matthews of Buffbox got in touch with me, expressing the need for him to publish a time sensitive offer on social media to promote an event they were to be involved with.

What I Did

This was the Instagram version of an A size social media graphic, of which the full description of its creation can be found here.

The A size social graphic was produced first, but to create the smaller square version for Instagram I dropped certain non-key elements from the design, leaving only the most relevant information.


This version of the graphic was published on Instagram. On Instagram, Buffbox has a fairly large following, and so the graphic received a good amount of engagement. It is not possible to say for certain how many sales were generated from this Instagram post as a source.