Project Description

Buffbox Meals Menu Poster

Design of an updated menu to include all of the meals that the client has to offer.


Buffbox Meals is a bespoke food preparation company tailored to performance athletes who need high quality meals that are in-line with their macronutrient requirements. The Buffbox CFO Joe Matthews had created some new meals that needed to be added to their existing menu.

What I Did

Joe supplied an original sample to me of previous menus he had designed before, so the general layout, elements and design were already in place.

Joe asked me to take all of the content that describes the meals from the company website. I did this and condensed the information where appropriate to fit the A2 media size appropriately.

I used Illustrator to create the layout and design of the menu poster, because the final design of the menu would require certain text elements to be broken down and coloured in certain ways, something that could not be achieved in InDesign alone.

I substituted certain fonts that I did not have for their appropriate Google Font equivalents. The colours were easy to match given the established Buffbox branding.


This poster was to be presented exclusively to a London gym that Buffbox were expanding into, with prior agreements with the gym owners. The poster was placed on a wall within the London gym and has received some interest.