Project Description

ACT Taunton Poster

Design of an events poster to promote an up-coming gig line-up within Taunton.


ACT – Arena Campaign for Taunton, is a combined effort with the goal of receiving investment to build an arena type venue within Taunton that would showcase local musical and performing talents. The CMO of ACT, Sam Wall, contacted me with the need to create a gig poster to bring more people to a local event they were hosting at the CicCic.

What I Did

Sam provided me with the line-up and details of the event, with a rough idea of the style he was hoping to achieve for the design. The style he was looking for needed to be catchy, with an element of ‘grungeiness’ which is commonly seen in many indie gig event posters.

I began by researching popular gig event posters based on the type of artists that would be performing at the gig. I then combined my research styles with the theme Sam had expressed he wanted to see.

I began placing the content in Illustrator. Once it was all in, I then began experimenting with spacing to lay the content out in a visually pleasing manner.

I ensured that the main image at the bottom was large enough to make it a primary focal area of the design, to initially draw the eye in and visually show what the poster was about. I then made the smaller text section at the top left a bold, light cream colour to provide contrast and easy reading whilst tying in with the grunge type style required.


This poster was placed near the CicCic venue in Taunton for 4 weeks leading up to the event, no specific data was gathered to test the effectiveness of the poster. Despite this Sam was very happy with the design.