Project Description

ACT Taunton Logo

Design of a modern catchy logo for a local campaign.


ACT – Arena Campaign for Taunton is a campaign effort with the intention of raising investment for the idea of creating a new arena type venue where local Taunton artists can come and perform. Sam Wall, the chief marketing officer for ACT contacted me with the need to create a new logo for the campaign.

What I Did

Sam expressed that the logo needed to be catchy, memorable and professional. He asked me to take the design into my own hands from there.

I began by researching different typography styles based around the letters ‘ACT’. I decided on a thin, sans font style with straight edges to keep with the modern style required.

I then experimented with different ways of placing the letters together, with the idea of condensing them closely side by side to form a compact logo design, not disjointed, to make it more memorable.

I used Illustrator as the default industry standard logo design software.


Sam was very happy with the logo saying that it fits nicely with their intended brand, and that it was exactly what he was hoping for.